How I Help You

Achieve Goals

From sales presentations and conferences to board meetings, when you’re speaking in front of an audience, your speech is the crutch you lean on for confidence. When it’s well-organized, intelligent, and compelling, you can focus on the delivery and leave a lasting positive impression. But, when the content is less than exceptional, it’s much more difficult to capture your audience the way you want to.

This is where I can help.

I can craft the best speech for almost any circumstance. Need something humorous with plenty of anecdotes? I can produce a story-telling masterpiece for you. Need something inspirational? I can write a speech filled with appropriate emotion and calls to action. Need a formal speech for a more conservative business audience? I have in-depth business expertise to ensure that you hit all the right topics and present a cogent point of view.

Reduce Stress

Pick your poison:

  • Short toast at an event
  • 10-minute political stump speech
  • 15-minute keynote address at a conference
  • 20-minute lecture
  • Or just about anything else.

Regardless of the situation, writing a speech on your own can be a significant distraction to your day-to-day life or business routine. When you hire me as your speech writer, you can alleviate the stress of time-consuming speech writing tasks. You gain more confidence in your ability to impress your audience. And, you concentrate on what you do best instead of writing your speech.

Articulate Ideas

My diverse background includes investment banking, entertainment, comedy, marketing strategy, media and Internet, entrepreneurship, and science. This breadth of experience allows me to handle a wide variety of speeches for almost any client and target audience.

Regardless of the topic – finance, consumer goods, biotechnology, wellness, sales – or style, I can produce the right speech to meet your needs. I also can distill difficult concepts, regardless of how complicated or esoteric, into a clear and easily-understood speech. | (310) 433-4234 | Or use a form to contact me.