Giving a speech can be one of life’s most stressful events.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

I can give you the words that will captivate and entertain your audience.
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*Watch a brief interview with Sanjay Nambiar on CNN Tampa Bay about speechwriting in politics.

  • Sanjay Nambiar is an acclaimed speechwriter and award-winning author, as well as the founder of Tengo Communications (a freelance copywriting firm) and Umiya Publishing. His experience spans a wide array of disciplines including investment banking, business development, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

    As a speechwriter, Sanjay has crafted everything from 60-second toasts to 20-minute lectures. He has written for CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, politicians, fathers-of-the-bride, best-men, entertainers, motivational speakers, and more. His speeches have been featured at conferences, sales meetings, weddings, funerals, wakes, and just about every other type of event and occasion. Learn more.

  • Domestically & Internationally
    • CEOs
    • Business executives
    • Politicians
    • Non-profit directors
    • Marketing leaders
    • Motivational speakers
    • Wedding speakers
    • And more.
  • Every Type of Speech or Presentation Address
    • 60-second toasts
    • 5-minute political stump speeches
    • 20-minute lectures
    • Conference keynote speeches
    • Motivational & inspirational talks
    • Best-man and father-of-the-bride speeches
    • And more.